Recipe | Vegetarian Chorizo con Huevos Tacos

There is a big difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican tacos; both are great, but the tacos in this recipe will be more traditional Mexican tacos. Chorizo con huevos (Chorizo with eggs) is a popular breakfast but can really be eaten at any time of the day. My recipe calls for veggie-meat chorizo, but if you prefer the real pork sausage you can probably use discretion and substitute with little issue.


If you have fresh tortillas, your tacos will taste substantially better, but grocery store tortillas will suffice.

Cooking Chorizo and Eggs

  1. In a large pan on medium-high heat cook frozen chorizo crumbles with 1/3 cup water
  2. In a bowl, crack and whisk 6 eggs
  3. After cooking chorizo for 4 to 5 minutes, turn heat to medium and push chorizo to sides of pan to create a large opening in the center of the pan
  4. Pour about half the eggs into the center of the pan, cooking well and chopping and mixing with spatula
  5. After half the eggs are well cooked and chopped, push them aside and pour in the rest of the eggs and repeat previous step
  6. Once all eggs have been well cooked and chopped with edge of spatula, mix chorizo and eggs together

Preparing Toppings

  1. Cut a couple slices of onion and finely dice them
  2. Cut or pull some cilantro leaves from their stems
  3. Cut lime in half then into quarters

Serving Tacos

  1. Warm tortillas on a flat pan
  2. Put some hot chorizo con huevos into warm tortilla
  3. Top with onion and cilantro to taste
  4. Squeeze lime wedge onto taco and enjoy